Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Question

Because of people’s judgments of me (I was too emotional, too outspoken, too whatever), I used to hide parts of myself out of fear of being rejected. Then I decided to move past those judgments and dare to more fully be who I am.
Are there parts of yourself that you have felt a need to hide? What parts? Why have you hidden those parts? What cost and pay off might there be in revealing those parts?

Are you ready for a woman
Who howls at the moon
Full of her passion
Feeling the pulse of life
Coursing through her veins?

Are you ready for a woman
Who wails with grief, her own
Or the torment of feeling
The pain of both Mother Earth
And Her children?

Are you ready for a woman
Who is radically honest,
Who looks and dives into
The shadow as well as the light
And speaks her truth of both?

Are you ready for the challenges
Of facing your fears
As she names the demons that you house
Or the dark places that you resist looking at?

Are you ready for a woman
Who jumps off cliffs
Following the path of the heart
Daring to live authentically
Risking endlessly
Stepping into the unknown?

Are you ready for a woman
With such a huge capacity for love
That she opens an oceanic embrace
Deep and wide
For you and others?

Are you ready?

Bibi Caspari © 6/9/06

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