Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Odd Birds

In what ways do you or don’t you fit in with others? How are you “odd”, different, unique?

Walking my bike over the narrow foot bridge
That crosses the LA River,
I see a man leaning on the railing
Looking at the water and wildlife below,
A pigeon quietly sitting at his elbow.
He not feeding her or making other overtures.
Just companions for each other.

I slow my pace,
Wanting to not frighten the bird,
And remark to him about his feathery friend.
“She’s here every morning.
She doesn’t fit in the flock”,
He says with a smile,
“And neither do I.”
So it’s their morning ritual
To keep each other company.

“We odd birds need to hang out together”
I say to him.
He smiles, and nods.
I smile and continue on my way. 

Bibi Caspari  ©  6/29/17