Bill Boyle, Screenwriter, Author “The Visual Mindscape of the Screenplay”: When Bibi performs her poetry, her ability to put movement to her words is remarkable. There is a power, rhythm and fluidity to her visual expressions, so organic that it’s as if she can’t hold it back. When we make a visual metaphoric discovery, we own it, so when we watch what Bibi does, we feel a level of intimacy rarely experienced between artist and audience. Calming, thought provoking, inspiring and thoroughly entertaining.

Betsy M. Hall, MastermindsToday.comUnbound by traditional rhythm and rhyming, Bibi Caspari’s freeform poetry is still somehow profoundly melodic. Recited and interpreted through cadence, expressions and movement, her performance is dramatic. And, like her life coaching work, Bibi’s authentic, inspirational speaking is transformative.

Sujata Dube: The poems of Bibi Caspari enlighten, teach and guide her audience to open their hearts and tap into that universal energy present in life, like a channel for the divine. With her gestures and her intonation, she radiates power and wisdom, supporting her audience to connect to their rich inner abundance.

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