Tuesday, May 30, 2017

I Hate Shouting

Noise bothers me. What kind of situations or experiences bother you? What does that say about you and what you care about? How can you express that concern and meet that need in a positive way?
Do you ever feel like the world is too noisy? If so, too noisy for what? What do you want to listen to and hear that you can’t with all the noisiness of the world?

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

I hate shouting.
Loud voices. Raucous parties.
Cheerleaders. Leaf blowers.
A slap on the back.
A poke on the arm.
These little violences
Obscure the subtle voice within.

Why do I hate shouting?
It’s hard to hear God
(Goddess/Great Spirit/Inner Wisdom/ Divine Spark)
Call her what you will. Or won’t. Or don’t call her. Or don’t listen.
And it’s hard to hear hummingbirds, too;
Or burbling fountains;
Or the wind whispering in the grasses.

Usually, God doesn’t shout
Unless you/we don’t heed the messages
She’s been whispering to us.

I don’t want to wait
Until cancer comes pounding on my door.
Until a fire rages, burning my house down.

Early morning,
Awaken from sleep,
I smell a bit of smoke,
Take action,
And prevent disaster.

My fingers tingle.
I better pay attention.
A gentle sadness beckons.
I take the time to listen.
Who is crying?
Who needs comforting?
Love is gentle,
Unless a whack on the head
Is needed to wake us up.
Then love can be tough.

Wake up, now, please.
Listen, before it’s too late.
She’s already shouting at us.

Bibi Caspari © 6/1/14


We all have needs. So when does having needs slide into being needy? What is the difference between having needs and being needy? What causes neediness? How can we heal neediness?

Talking with my BFF,
He lonely and in pain,
Dealing with his fears
Of abandonment and isolation.

I, too, at times.
And also fear others’ neediness,
With their black holes
Impossible to fill.
And (cruelly?) speak to him of such.

Yet neediness,
Like all else,
Is a spectrum;
How much and
What kind:
The need to be seen,
To be heard,
To be touched,
To be held,
To be acknowledged,
To be loved.

Maybe those
Who aren’t ever needy,
Fearing and resisting vulnerability,
Build coats of armor
And are blocked from feeling.

Or those rare few
So filled with Love and Spirit
That there is no loneliness.
Though it is said
That even Jesus
Cried out
“Why hast thou forsaken me?”

The need for compassion
For myself, for him
And for these vulnerable naked animals
That we are.

Bibi Caspari © 4/7/16

Monday, May 29, 2017


Do you have a particular ability that sometimes helps you to perceive or understand things that others may not be aware of? How could you contribute to others by sharing what you notice?

In a market,
An unseen baby briefly cries,
Nearby, a mother strokes her baby’s head.
I laugh with the beauty of the echo
And mention to mother number two
What I saw:
The ricochet of energy,
The crying of one child
Leading to a need for a mother
To comfort hers.
She thanks me for the noticing
And the sharing.
Her gesture had been unconscious
And she is grateful to know
How instinctually her love
Envelopes her cherished one.
My delight in my gift to her,
So simple, and easy for me;
My seeing what most others don’t.
I treasure how the love
Echoes and circulates,

Bibi Caspari © 9/13/15