Thursday, June 15, 2017

Carrying Water

Do you ever get frustrated? About what? How can you handle your frustrations in a proactive, positive manner?
How can you be present to and pragmatically work toward your dreams in such a way to constructively handle the obstacles that are in the way? What resources does that involve?

Feeling frustrated.
Wanting more time
For projects
I’m dreaming of
And working on.
Cherishing how,
Through my work,
I contribute to others
(Or so I believe) -
Supporting insights, inspiring, motivating -
While contributing to myself.
Yet busy with other tasks
And demands.

Carrying gray water
From my kitchen sink
To the backyard
To water the plants.

What if this were my job?
And all else
A gift of love
I give myself and others?
I love being outside,
And transitioning
From inside to out.
I love my plants,
And conserving water.
The moment expands.
All that exists is carrying water
And the plants I love.
What bliss!

Bibi Caspari  © 11/16/16