Thursday, June 15, 2017

Pruning is Good

Have you ever had someone or something in your life that you knew was problematic, but it was hard for you to let go? What did you do about it?
Have you ever had to cut someone or something from your life? How did it hurt and/or benefit you?

It seems one of my callings,
To beckon
To point out
To urge
Others to see
What they may not want to.

People usually don’t want to wake up.
(I often don’t.
When people call me on my stuff,
I generally resist.)

But pruning is good.
If a branch needs pruning,
It being gone
Supports growth and wellness.
With an arborist's vision,
I perceive
The strength, beauty and fullness
The tree could have
If pruned and cared for properly.

It pains me to see
The sickening of the tree
With too much to support
And some of it diseased.
Pruning is good.
And feared by many
Who don’t want to change
And won’t let go.

And knowing it’s needed,
I proceed with courage.
An empath,
I hurt myself
While pruning.
So I wail the blues
And the singing helps.

Fearful, too,
Rarely certain.
Am I making a mistake?
Am I cutting the right branch?
In the right way?
Will I go too far?
Will I kill the tree?
But if I don’t prune,
A heavy branch may break
Or the tree may sicken and die.

Fearful, too,
Of possible backlash,
Or being pruned.
I want choices to be mine
Not decided by another.

I’m not always right.
(Though often I am.)
The orange and lemon trees
That grace my backyard
And prune almost yearly
Are healthy and fruitful.

I opened up
To a new man in my life,
And he slammed me.
I offered
A mirror for him to see
What needed pruning
If he chose to do so.
He was blind, deaf and dumb.
So I let it go.
I let him go.
I moved on.
Pruning is good.

Those who don’t want to
I may prune from my life.
Pruning is good
Supports growth and wellness.

Often valued
This work I do,
Though it may take time.
“To my greatest teacher
Of life, love and growing up.”
The writer wrote to me
Years after we split
As an inscription
In the front of
The book he authored.

Another requested
Gentle pushing;
A kind of pruning.
So I did.
Initially resisting,
Then thanking me.
“You pushed me to grow.
I’m better for having you
In my life.
I was really lucky.
I had a good mentor.”

Ah, yes,
Pruning is good
Supports growth and wellness.
Thank you.

Bibi Caspari © 1/18/16

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